Please read this BEFORE you’re buying!

What do I need to check?

  1. Be aware of what you buy!
  2. Make sure NO Anti-Cheat systems are blocking our software. They work similar like anti-virus software and need to be removed! Uninstall or disable ALL Anti-Virus software. As well Windows defender.
  3. Make sure you have a COMMON version of Windows. (Home, Pro) and not versions like Enterprice, Education.
  4. Check that your Windows Version is supported by our products.
  5. Do not change your HWID. Make sure to spoof your HWID always after the injection!
  6. Make sure all exploit protection is disabled.
  7. Secure Boot must be disabled
  8. Check if virtualization is required or not.
  9. Update the latest dependencies to ensure all software can run well.
  10. For some cheats the discord overlay must be activated. Also need some cheats the app

What are cheats/hacks?

To be able to see for example boxes around your enemy or having your mouse automatically stick to the enemies head while moving, the game has to be “enhaced”. These functions are not regulary available in the game.
Our Products will “add” functions like this to your game.
However whenever the game updates, our products need to update as well! This is out of our hands!
Whenever there is an update, we will notify our customers via discord or update our statuspage.

Why do I need to disable all anti-virus software?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our products do not contain any malware or viruses!
Many anti-cheat software are working almost like anti-virus software scanning everything in your system. From your memory to your binaries.
To be able to still function, our products need to use several tricks in order to avoid being detected. For example our products need to be able to read the game memory. Also they need to inject certain folders without being detected by a system such as a anti-virus software.
So that is the reason why you NEED to disable ALL anti-virus software! If you’re not comfortable with this, we may ask you to consider not cheating in games as this is a requirement for ALL cheats!

Your HWID is important!

What is a HWID?: HWID stands for Hardware Identifier. This is a unique code generated from various components of your computer. Every computer has it own HWID. It may change if you for example change components of your system. If your planning to do so in the near future, please consider that your HWID may change and your product could stop working.
HWID reset: As you are now aware that your HWID may change under certain circumstances, please keep in mind that a reset is not a right! Its a courtesy. If you request a reset do not demand any refunds for something that is your own responsibility!